Barrie Chadwick



artist Barrie ChadwickAn immigrant to Canada from Australia in 1965, Barrie Chadwick holds citizenship of both those countries. He is an artist in love with landscapes and seascapes and "plein-air" painting, and travels each year to obtain new subjects for his art. He has won awards with the Federation of Canadian Artists and International Artist Magazine.

He is a Senior Signature Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists with work in private and corporate collections in Canada and overseas.

International Artist magazine ran a 12 page article on his work in the Oct/Nov issue  for 2009.

Barrie is married (for 47 years) and lives in West Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has a wife, two children and four grandchildren, one of whom likes to draw — that is how it starts!



As a young man of eighteen, the one thing I wanted in life, was, to be an artist. My father persuaded me not to pursue a career in art, and convinced me instead, to become an architect, with the advice — "You can do your art in your spare time". As any one older than thirty would know, when you are married with a career, and children, a mortgage, etc., there is no such thing as "spare time". Finally, I traded my T-square for a 1" square soft water colour brush and have been painting ever since. Nothing in the world makes me happier, than to take my sketch book, my pencils and pens, my folding stool, and to climb up (or part way up) a mountain, and then to make my teenage dream of becoming an artist come true. (Oh, and I take an apple and a bottle of water too.)